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shabby parisian living (via INTERIORS ORIGINALS)
gorgeous loft in Paris (via Keltainen talo rannalla)
lovely room (homeandinteriors: Apartment in Sweden for sale)
dark brown (via desire to inspire - Carina Olander)
one of my favourite workspace in a corner (via desire to inspire - Carina Olander)
rustic beauty (via desire to inspire - Carina Olander)
amazing all-purposes room (via desire to inspire)
wall decor inspiration (via desire to inspire)
natural light (via desire to inspire)
chillin’ in the backyard
  • chillin’ in the backyard

(Source: theblackworkshop)

contemporary design + blackboard (via STYLIZIMO BLOG)
classical charme (via STYLIZIMO BLOG)
home office + crates (via STYLIZIMO BLOG)
exposed woods and polka dots (via Pinterest)
  • exposed woods and polka dots (via Pinterest)

modular (via desire to inspire -Kristofer Johnsson)
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