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rooms divided by glass (via delight by design)
dreamy bedroom (via desire to inspire)
cozy daybed 
  • cozy daybed 

(Source: expensivelife)

a girl’s place
  • a girl’s place

(Source: tiaraless)

shelves and jars (via Nordic leaves)
black kitchen (via BO BEDRE)
perfect space!
  • perfect space!

pantone mugs (via Nordic leaves)
one of the cutest inspiration ever (via The Yvestown Blog)
light room (via pinterest)
modern family (via IKEA Magazine)
  • crates 

arched window and linear furniture (via desire to inspire - Joanna Laajisto)
dark charme (via desire to inspire - Joanna Laajisto)
fill in the blanks with books (via desire to inspire -  Joanna Laajisto)
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