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basil plant in the kitchen (via Bungalow5)
books & globes (via Pics of Creative Wings)
chalkboard wall (via ELLE)
  • chalkboard wall (via ELLE)

a real home-library upstairs (via Pics of Creative Wings)
books all over (via Pics of Creative Wings)
modern with a rustic touch (via Fb)
  • modern with a rustic touch (via Fb)

spice up your life! (via Interior inspirations)
generous windows (via the marion house book)
compact charming bathroom (via the marion house book)
perfect place for homework (via AprillAprill)
living in a fairytale (via AprillAprill)
messy workspace (via AprillAprill)
elegant colour choice (via House&Hold)
(via House&Hold)

(via House&Hold)

unconventional accents (via House&Hold)
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