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just a desk (via PLANETE DECO)
contemporary living
  • contemporary living

(Source: urbnite)

luminous bedroom (via PLANETE DECO)
simplicity (via PLANETE DECO)
wood & plants
  • wood & plants

(Source: prettypicsdelightfultips)

dark bathroom (via Molteni Motta | Maurizio Pecoraro)
essential window desk (via Haus Bubkevitz - desire to inspire)

scandinavian style (via  PLANETE DECO)
modern fireplace (via houzz)
  • modern fireplace (via houzz)

fabulous room in Cornwall (via Paul Massey)
rustic with personality (via Paul Massey)
old style stove (via  Paul Massey)
happy pop pottery! (via Fjeldborg)
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