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natural light (via Jelanie - Let the beauty in your life)
let’s dream big: double height home library (via Pinterest)
  • let’s dream big: double height home library (via Pinterest)

window spot (via  Interior inspirations)
white tiles and wooden foor in the bathroom (via Interior inspirations)
white base + pink accents 
  • white base + pink accents 

time to celebrate! (via Stylizimo Blog)
back to work (via  Interior inspirations)
clever solution for a very small flat (via PLANETE DECO)
luminous entrance
  • luminous entrance

(Source: designedinteriors)

white tiles for the bathroom (via Interior inspirations)
turquoise cabinet (via decor8)
  • turquoise cabinet (via decor8)

vintage with that romantic twist (via  Interior inspirations)
workspace inspiration (via decor8)
  • workspace inspiration (via decor8)

simple attic kitchen (via  Cose di Casa)
cozy attic living room (via Cose di Casa)
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