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  • minimalism

inspired by nature (via IKEA)
  • inspired by nature (via IKEA)

be present
  • be present

tiny baby’s room (via Kim Timmerman)
comfy and luminous window nook (via Kim Timmerman)
pretty shelves (via Kim Timmerman)
think big (via Kim Timmerman)
stylish space (via Kim Timmerman)
do small things with great love (via Kim Timmerman)
gray & wood (via Kim Timmerman)
for the little ones (via Interior inspirations)
simple & functional living (via alessandradelbono)
beautiful home office inspiration (via Lundia)
  • beautiful home office inspiration (via Lundia)

handmade & knitted pieces (via Interior inspirations)
raw bricks
  • raw bricks

(Source: notmybeautifulhome)

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