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a gentleman’s closet (via desire to inspire)
neat bedroom with walk-in closet (via desire to inspire)
wardrobe room (via MadeByGirl)
mirror mirror (via  Fantastic Frank)
suspended clothes-hanger (via Fantastic Frank)
indoor swing
  • indoor swing

(Source: expensivelife)

DIY inspiration: well exposed shoes collection (via desire to inspire)
another organized closet (via Pinterest)
flexible living in Norway (via ikea)
  • flexible living in Norway (via ikea)

attic closet
  • attic closet

neat shoe rack (via desire to inspire)
dream dressing room (via Arianna Belle Organized Interiors)
desk & closet (via Stadshem)
shoes cabinet (via skonahem)
walk in closet (via Stadshem)
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