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herbs in wooden crates (via Hally’s Café London)
light & luminous workspace for two (via At Home With Anne Ziegler - A Beautiful Mess, ph. Brittany Ambridge)
modern functionalism (via  Stadshem)
traditional order (via ph. Matthew Williams - Homelife)
open shelves for cooking books (via Femina)
  • open shelves for cooking books (via Femina)

contemporary cosy bed (via Stadshem)
add some flowers (by mieke v. willems)
  • stylish scandinavian mono (via Stadshem)

soft pastels (via Ideal Home Magazine)
eyecandy: white chest of drawers (via Emmas designblogg / ph. Mikael Axelsson)
white workspace for two (via Elledecoration, ph. Magnus Anesund, stylist Filippa Egnell)
the art of mixing pieces (via ph. Patric Johansson / Elledecoration)
open shelves (via vintage blackboard: Ikea 2014)
manic monday: shoes storage solution! (via 16 DIY Project | Beauty Harmony Life)
style in small spaces (via Style At Home)
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