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stunning second-floor studio (via Dwell / ph. Helenio Barbetta, arch. Caprioglio)
contemporary fireplace  (via Dwell / ph. Helenio Barbetta, arch. Caprioglio)
renovated farmhouse in Italy (via Dwell / ph. Helenio Barbetta, arch. Caprioglio)
gorgeous work station (via smitten studio // ph. sarah sherman samuel)
old-style cream stove (via Plain english design)
contemporary farmhouse kitchen (via Plain english design)
british love (via Homelife / ph. Armelle Habib, st. Julia Green)
subway tiles, vintage pieces, wooden floor (via Homelife / ph. Armelle Habib, st. Julia Green)
beutifully restored country cottage (via  Homelife / ph. Armelle Habib, st. Julia Green)
timeless charm (via Homelife / ph. Armelle Habib, st. Julia Green)
old & new (via Homelife / ph. Armelle Habib, st. Julia Green)
travel tuesday: classic country kitchen (via Cottonwood Cottage )
travel tuesday: sophisticated studio room (via Cottonwood Cottage)
  • travel tuesday: perfect place 10 minute drive north of Bellingen town, Australia (via Cottonwood Cottage)

travel tuesday: gorgeous retreat in the country (via Cottonwood Cottage)
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