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lovely idea: framed heart maps of where you have travelled together (via bombus | 
beautiful interiors designed by Geremia Design (25th Street Residence | Ruemag)
today we celebrate International Book Giving Day!
  • do more of what makes you happy (via Stadshem)

extra-long sofa (via Fantastic Frank)
nordic style (via - photo Pia Ullin)
  • design day: Gran Piano sofa (by Gubi)

delightful design (via GUBI)
  • delightful design (via GUBI)

vintage library dresser 
  • vintage library dresser¬†

contemporary rockin’chair
  • contemporary rockin’chair

(Source: no63)

cosy spot
  • cosy spot

artsy & charming (via lagerlings)
purple couch
  • purple couch

(Source: designed-for-life)

classy chic
  • classy chic


scandinavian living (via Alvhem )
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